Lone Tree Hill

February 2, 2019

This week, my husband and I had a very busy weekend planned, so we decided to go to Lone Tree Hill because it is quite short.

The parking lot was empty when we got there, which is very unusual.

This sign is right at the entrance to the parking lot off of Millstream Road.

It typically takes 20-25 minutes to hike up. It’s a manageable trail; quite easy to navigate.

When we got to the top, I spotted this EAGLE.

He was chillin’ on a treetop beside the summit of Lone Tree Hill, allowing me to take way too many pictures of him.

This is how far away he was from us. I have to give my camera some credit for its zoom capabilities.

Looking east from the summit.

The view of downtown Victoria from the summit. I really like this picture because it shows how Victoria is a city right on the edge of lush forests.

The summit of the hike is quite large with lots of flat space. We ran into quite a few people with kids and dogs up top with lots of room to play.

I tried my hand at some simple video editing! I recorded the hike down from the summit. I walked pretty fast so my memory card wouldn’t run out of space (it’s almost full now), but this resulted in my video being pretty shakey once I sped it up to 400%. I added some royalty-free music from http://www.bensound.com and posted it on YouTube. I own a PC so iMovie isn’t an option for me. I googled “best free video editing software” and ended up using a program called Lightworks. It was very similar to iMovie with a bit more of a learning curve. Next time I am going to walk slower and maybe try out some image stabilization software, if such thing exists for free!


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