3D Printing


What you need:
TinkerCAD Program (free)
MakerBot Program (free)
3D Printer: UVics is 10 cents per gram using Makerbot or Ultimaker (Ulti has three week wait)

Make manipulatives
Differentiate for those who prefer hands on
Problem solving development
Spacial Development / Learning about shapes
You can make a car, buildings, prosthetics, etc!

Why not?
Its expensive
It take a long time

Website with pre-made designs.
“Education designs COME WITH FRIGGEN LESSON PLANS!” (Amy, 2019)

Developed using Google Maps topographical data.

Common Mistakes
Base plate may move during printing and look like a birds nest
Warping due to hot plastic on cold plastic
Printing in the summer better than printing in the winter

Educational Purpose
Even if you dont have a 3D printer in the school, getting students to use TinkerCAD to develop objects good for 3D shape creation for math, as well as introduce them to working in 3D (the youngins’ will likely use 3D printers more than us in the future).

Told you she’s our mother goose. Marnie ate three.


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