A window into the classroom

Should I use it? Ask yourself these two questions:

Is it easy enough to integrate in the ebb and flow of my classroom?

Will it promote learning?

Quality over quantity!
What are you trying to communicate?
Mobile devices are great for documenting student learning. You can take a photo on the fly, add a comment, add it to the students portfolio, and it is accessible to the student and their parents. A curation of artifacts to show what students are doing, learning, and succeeding at.

Parents, especially of kindergarten students, may have anxiety around knowing what their students are doing. FreshGrade allows for that communication to happen easily.

Gradebook allows teachers to do unit planning based on formative assessment.
Differentiated learning facilitated.
You can upload a photo or video of a student, for example, reading out loud. The comment below can have descriptive feedback. You can do that two or three times and then see if they are implementing the feedback you give them and progressing in their learning/skill development. Allows for them to participate in the conversations about their learning at home as well.

Make it about the student owning their learning!

When teachers realize that its not about them taking pictures and videos, but about doing it with purpose and intent by aligning activities to provincial learning outcomes, students can document their own learning, giving them a sense of pride and ownership. This can be done from Pre-K and up!

How do we communicate learning better? Digital portfolios instead of traditional report cards 3x per year.

Free version: portfolios are archived, but students can gain access in the future.
Paid version: portfolios follow students year to year. “Slicker” access.

~90% of teachers use the free version individually.

Some teachers use it solely as a way to communicate and share learning, and not as summative assessment.

Three advertised benefits:
1. Student ownership of learning
2. Increased efficiency for educators
3. Stronger parental engagement

Data not sold or owned; stored in Canada; students under 13 need consent; they will share info if they are bought or have legal issues;


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